Take Care and Pace Yourself: This Is the Long Game

Thanks to everyone for doing such a great job in the transition to Canvas. The past few days have demanded extra professional lifting from all of us under stressful and uncertain conditions. It’s been no small thing to get going. Great job!

An extra special shout-out of appreciation for those of you who were already using the platform and who have been helping so generously, assisting colleagues with questions, troubleshooting, and other concerns.

Let’s also remember to pace ourselves as we transition with these new tools, to avoid burnout on many fronts. If you’re already using Zoom or loading videos into Canvas or having synchronous workshops right now (or whenever), go for it. BUT if you’re taking it slower, that is fine, too.

Our collective safety, physical health, and mental well-being are top priority right now. As we wait to see how this crisis will play out, it is OK to ramp up your courses slowly to maintain educational continuity. Many, many of our students will need extra time to get plugged in and to feel “fluent” with all of their class experiences changing modalities.

Going forward, as we find new ways to show up for each other and for our students, it’s also important to consider how you will set friendly and firm boundaries for your “available” time online.

You don’t have to solve everything today. Stay steady. Stay well, everyone. We will get through this.

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